3.0 IServiceProvider cannot inject


Paul Carlton

sigh This line in startup.cs:

services.AddScoped<IServiceProvider, ServiceProvider>();

Breaks my app, can't debug, just stops after saying that the build was successful. No errors. No exceptions. NOTHING. If I comment out this line, all works again and the app runs.

Why is that happening? The reason I want to inject IServiceProvider is because it is required by ActivatorUtilities and I'm using that in the BaseController to make it easy to validate like such:

public MyController(IServiceProvider serviceProvider) : base(serviceProvider) { }

public ActionResult Post(MyViewModel viewModel)

if (!IsValid)
... error stuff

return Ok("Success!");

And in the BaseController

protected IserviceProvider ServiceProvider { get; set; }

public BaseController(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
ServiceProvider = serviceProvider;

public void ValidateFor<TValidator>(object instance) where TValidator : IValidator
// injected ServiceProvider here as a protected property of the base controller
var validator = ActivatorUtilities.CreateInstance<TValidator>(ServiceProvider);

var result = validator.Validate(instance);

if (result.IsValid)

... process errors

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