GIT newbie confused at commit message (how to move on without screwing things up)


Pixel Smithy

Not really a programmer, just trying to get VisualEditor extension installed on a shared host MediaWiki installation. It requires JSON and the recommended method is to go through Heroku for that. Using the instructions found at

Those instructions are out of date (but the best I could find) as you now edit the config.yaml file and NOT the localsettings.js. Anyway, I am up to step 21 (out of 29). I have no idea what editor I am seeing and the commands don't work for getting out of it.

A screenshot of what I'm seeing can be viewed here:

I last worked on this before Labor Day, but left my computer running and the cmd.exe window open, so hoping to just pick up where I left off. But can't get out of this window (and really have no clue how GIT/Heroku/JSON actually work... just trying to follow the steenkin' instructions.

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