How can I append address to <a> tag href



I use bxslider4 and captions is enabled. I want to add link to captions. I done it some but it is applied for just first one. How can I append all links to each captions. I have edited bxslider javascript file.

My slider php code:

foreach ($manset_images as $man_img => $value2) {

<a id="slayt_resim_link" href="index.php?url=content&id=<?=$value2->content_id; ?>">
<img src="<?php echo URL; ?>public/upload/<?=$value2->content_foto?>" title="<?=$value2->content_title?>" data-url="index.php?url=content&id=<?=$value2->content_id; ?>" style="width:100%; height: 350px;">


I added below code to original bxslider javascript file to get image link and change caption href:

// find image link
var captionLink = $this(this)$(slayt_resim_link).attr('href');
$('#manset_caption_link').attr('href', captionLink);

This code provides apply for the first caption. I think I can solve the problem if I add captionLink to href="" <a id="manset_caption_link" href=""> but I dont know How can I do.

Last state of the javascript code:

// bxslider javascript file 719. line
* Appends image captions to the DOM
var appendCaptions = function() {
// cycle through each child
slider.children.each(function(index) {
// get the image title attribute
var title = $(this).find('img:first').attr('title');

//------------------ added after ----------------------------
// find image link
var captionLink = $this(this)$(slayt_resim_link).attr('href');
$('#manset_caption_link').attr('href', captionLink);

// append the caption
if (title !== undefined && ('' + title).length) {
$(this).append('<div class="bx-caption"><a id="manset_caption_link" href="---Add captionLink---!!!!!"><span>' + title + '</span></a></div>');


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