How to Get .NET XMLDeserializer To Deserialize to Types in a Specific .NET Namespace?



I am working with a very old remote API to which I send XML requests and receive very similar XML responses. The requests and responses all have the same element names (of which there are literally thousands) that correspond to C# classes I am generating.

The docs for this API provide the full 10,000+ line XML schema for requests, as well as an even larger XML schema for responses. I am using Visual Studio .net tools to generate C# classes from the Xml schemas (XSDs).

Naturally, the result is two sets of C# Types with the same type names. I have to put the sets in two different namespaces to distinguish between them (MyAppXml.Request and MyAppXml.Response).

The problem is that when I need to deserialize XML, I don't know how to get the deserializer to construct CLR Objects using types from the correct namespace.

I've googled for answers with no luck. I found a Reddit post from a person with exactly the same problem, and it looks like he was never able to resolve it!
For the record, any suggestions that involve the Xml Namespace attribute element are not an option. The response XML objects do not specify a namespace. In fact all the xml header looks like is this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

Additional information: I know that when I create an XmlSerializer, I can specify the root level Type with new XmlSerializer(myType). The problem is that myType contains fields of that point to other types that exist in both .NET namespaces. A human might intuitively know to pick the same namespace as the root level type, but there's no way for the deserializer to actually know that's the correct intent.

Can I count on it trying to pick the same namespace first? I would think this would depend on implementation details of the deserializer, and it might even appear to work for a while and then break when a compile produces different ordering of types in the IL at some point in future projection.

Is there a way to resolve this so that I can guarantee the deserialization process will pick types from the correct namespace?

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