How to type check i18n dictionaries with TypeScript?



Is there a possibility to type check existing keys in react-i18next dictionaries? So that TS will warn you during compile time if key doesn't exist.


Suppose, we have this dictionary:

"footer": {
"copyright": "Some copyrights"

"header": {
"logo": "Logo",
"link": "Link",

If I provide non-existent key, TS should blow up:

const { t } = useTranslation();

<span> { t('footer.copyright') } </span> // this is OK, because footer.copyright exists
<span> { t('footer.logo') } </span> // TS BOOM!! there is no footer.logo in dictionary

What is the proper name of this technique? I'm very sure I'm not the only one who is asking for this behavior.

Is it implemented in react-i18next out of the box? Are there API in react-i18next to extend the library somehow to enable it? I want to avoid creating wrapper functions.

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