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Jan 14, 2020
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Tinnitus 911 sleeps in his stress level is this one tender mm-hmm a little bit if we put those three together for Nathan today we can maybe assume that his stress level is a little high stress usually first affects the liver and shortly after will affects the digestive system it attacks the spleen so putting together the points for stress and/or calm insomnia are tender with the spleen we may just need to work on some calming points for him today and stress relief another way that we can check to see if the body is showing any imbalances is with the low frequency electric pulse machine this machine has a small meter on it called point detecting and we can use one rod that he holds in his hand and I have another rod that I hold in my hand and I will check the electrical resistance on the skin for all of the different points that we just did with the with the tender spot testing the way that we do this is first we start to find his baseline on the top of the ear here this meter goes from 0 to 10 the baseline his baseline is a 2 that's where people normally are now we're going to see one point at a time and I'm going to monitor the Machine the higher the number the more likely he is to have an imbalance in that organ so let's start back here with