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Jan 13, 2020
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via beauty cream like that word but it would just feel like really nice and moisturize so what come June I got out of school on June 2nd so it was like right at schools ending and like summer was starting I realized that I was gonna take matters into my own hands and this is when I decided to stop using the freaking stuff that my dermatologist gave me I put that stuff away I was like you know it I'm tired of this I'm not doing this anymore I'm gonna freakin switch into my own skincare routine and I decided to go on natural which I'm going to share with you guys because everything that I'm using has made my skin so much better than it ever was before in just such little time so it is literally July right now and my skin was pure crap in the beginning of June so I decided to take matters into my own hands in the beginning of June and I made my own skincare routine and this is what I have to blame for my skin clearing up so quick and so nicely so yeah I'm just gonna share with you guys everything that I've been using basically like a little mini care routine I'm not gonna be showing you guys how use it products because it's kind of common sense it's not much at all that's good just go ahead and hop right into the good stuff okay so this is mainly my nighttime skincare routine in the mornings I don't wash my face I just take a little bit of the guy named