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Oct 2, 2019
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SuperKeto The body connects a protective mechanism and tries to get rid of the irritant as soon as possible. Then, the work of the intestinal muscles becomes intense, and the products of fecal deposits move towards the exit. In this regard, emptying occurs. HOW AND TO WHOM TO TAKE “SENADA” FOR WEIGHT LOSS Weak bowel function is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. People work on sedentary work, walk little, move around the city by car. These factors weaken the body and make it lethargic. In fact, after eating, in order to strengthen the intestines, you need to do physical labor. Due to lack of free time, people do not. Constipation also appears: in women in position; in bedridden patients; in children; after surgery in connection with a sedentary lifestyle. People of these categories can drink Senade. But not by desire, but by receiving a recommendation from the attending physician. He will evaluate the patient’s state of health and inform you how to drink “Senada” for weight loss. We put the word “weight loss” in brackets, since the task of the medicine is a little different. The patient must remove feces from the body. Naturally, having released the intestines, a person will feel light and lose about 2 kg. But they are not fatty, but water mixed with feces and other harmful substances. Such weight loss will not last long - until the next constipation. The use of the drug for children should be monitored by a physician. WHAT IS CONSTIPATION DANGEROUS Foods that linger in the intestines for more than 3 days are harmful. Pathogenic bacteria develop there, causing rotting, bloating and pain. In connection with poisoning with putrefactive substances and bacterial wastes: bloating; intestinal pain; gas formation; nausea; dizziness; deterioration in overall health. Without a doubt, the disease must be treated. "Senada" is not suitable for weight loss, but as a laxative is no worse than other drugs.