Need help getting started with this dataset on EEG frontier transform



I need to perform an EEG frontier Transform to plot data. However, I don't know how to get started since there is much same value within a time interval. If anyone could give me a hand on how to start it would be great.

here is the link showing how the dataset looked like.

plot(MyData$EEG.high.alpha,type="l", col="blue")
lines(MyData$EEG.low.alpha, col="red")
EEGAlpha <- (MyData$EEG.high.alpha+MyData$EEG.low.alpha)/2
lines(EEGAlpha, col="orange")

I felt like my direction is wrong and I don't know how to interpret the data at this point. I know there are something like EEG kit but I need a hand on how to use it with this dataset please help me out.

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