OpenAI Gym not rendering colors correctly in console environments



So I've just started using Gym from OpenAI and I'm trying to render an environment in the console. Specifically, it's the Taxi-v2 environment. And where it's supposed to show colors it only shows symbols (their ANSI code I think) so I'd believe it's not parsing correctly. I've tried other environments that also render in console, same problem. I've tried using the Git Bash console as well as the Windows one, and it's the same problem as well. Any help?

Code to render:

import gym

env = gym.make('Taxi-v2')

Output in console:

|?[35mR?[0m: | : :G|
| : : :?[43m ?[0m: |
| : : : : |
| | : | : |
|Y| : |?[34;1mB?[0m: |

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