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Oussama Ben Ghorbel

I'm trying to benchmark computing an f(x) while varying the number of threads with every iteration.

f(x) = c * ln(x) * cos(x)


for (int pp = 2; pp<17; pp++)
p = pp;
int chunk = n/p; //acts like floor
double start_parallel = omp_get_wtime();
//start parallel
#pragma omp parallel shared(tt,chunk) private (i)
//printf("thread number %d\n",omp_get_thread_num());
#pragma omp for schedule(dynamic,chunk) nowait
for(i=0; i<n; i++)
//tt = f(tt);
tt = f1(tt); //the speed up is much higher with f1 since log and cos
//computations are polynomial; see function.
} //end parallel
double end_parallel = omp_get_wtime();
double cpu_time_used_parallel = (double) (end_parallel - start_parallel);
printf("parallel: for n=%d, p=%d, time taken=%f, speedup=%f\n",


Started varying threads:

parallel: for n=10000000, p=2, time taken=0.153774, speedup=3.503831

parallel: for n=10000000, p=3, time taken=0.064447, speedup=8.360370

parallel: for n=10000000, p=4, time taken=0.044694, speedup=12.055239

parallel: for n=10000000, p=5, time taken=0.048700, speedup=11.063550

parallel: for n=10000000, p=6, time taken=0.039009, speedup=13.811989

parallel: for n=10000000, p=7, time taken=0.041735, speedup=12.910017

parallel: for n=10000000, p=8, time taken=0.041268, speedup=13.055919

parallel: for n=10000000, p=9, time taken=0.039032, speedup=13.804157

parallel: for n=10000000, p=10, time taken=0.038970, speedup=13.825767

parallel: for n=10000000, p=11, time taken=0.039843, speedup=13.522884

parallel: for n=10000000, p=12, time taken=0.041356, speedup=13.028237

parallel: for n=10000000, p=13, time taken=0.041039, speedup=13.128763

parallel: for n=10000000, p=14, time taken=0.047433, speedup=11.359218

parallel: for n=10000000, p=15, time taken=0.048430, speedup=11.125202

parallel: for n=10000000, p=16, time taken=0.051950, speedup=10.371477
Note: The speedup here is computed against the sequential algorithm (threads = 1)

The speedup does not seem to be really affected by the variation of p (number of threads).

Am I doing this right, or the cause comes from the non efficient incrementation of the number of threads (i.e. theoretically speaking changing p won't seriously affect O(myprogram) ) ?

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