Python Tkinter Entry List Impossible?



Is it utterly impossible to receive a list from user input in Tkinter? Something along the lines of an HTML textarea box - where a user can (1) copy and paste a list of things into a text box, and then (2) tkinter translates the input list into a list of strings, then (3) can assign them to a value and do fun python stuff etc

I have reasonable faith I can accomplish parts (2) and (3), but I'm stuck on (1).

I have explored Entry, which basically accomplishes that but awkwardly and with poor visibility onto the pasted items in the tiny Entry box. I have explored Listbox, which doesn't allow user input in the way of generating a new list from nothing?

The running example is: if I want to input some groceries into a variable, I can copy-paste a text list and paste as one item (rather than separately) --

eg: ["apples", "oranges", "raspberries"] clicks submit VS ["apples"] clicks submit ["oranges"] clicks submit ["raspberries"] clicks submit

-- Anyone have any recommendations for that elusive textarea-like input box for tkinter? Do I just wrestle with the Entry tiny box?

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