Retrofit skips init { } block of a data class while initializing



I'm going to set variables in class Data based on the arguments of DClass

abstract class Data(p: String) {
var a1: String
var a2: String

init {
"""(\w+)(\d+)""".toRegex().find(p)!! {
a1 = "a1 is ${get(1)}"
a2 = "a2 is ${get(2)}"

data class DClass(val p1: String, val p2: String) : Data(p1)

Then I'm able to get values of a1 and a2 after DClass is created:

DClass("string1", "string2").run { println("$a1 $a2") }

it returns "a1 is string a2 is 1" as it should

Next I'm trying to make retrofit initialize DClass from the proper JSON response: @GET("loadDClass") suspend fun dClass(): DClass

and say the program to do the same output of a1 and a2, it just returns:

"a1 is null a2 is null".

So I found out that init{} block of Data is skipped as the retrofit just builds DClass but doesn't do the initialization

Is it possible to make abstract class' variables be initialized without calling any

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