SSIS Truncate Warning when moving data from a string max length 50 to a string max length 20



Noob SSIS question please. I am working on a simple database conversion script. The original data source have the phone number saved as a string with len = 50 in a column called Phone1. The destination table has the telephone number saved as a string with len = 20 in a column called Telephone. I keep getting this warning:

[110]] Warning: Truncation may occur due to inserting data from data flow column "Phone1" with a length of 50 to database column "Telephone" with a length of 20.
I have tried a few things including adding a Derived Column task to Cast the Phone1 into a DT_WSTR string with length = 20 - (DT_WSTR, 20) (SubString(Phone1, 1, 20)) and adding a DataConversion tasks to convert the field Phone1 from WT_WSTR(50) into WT_WSTR(20) but none of them work. I know I can SubStr phone1 in the SQL String @ the OLEDB Source but I would love to find out how SSIS deals with this scenario

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