Tinnitus White Noise Masker - Can it Save Your Sanity?


Jan 10, 2020
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Many people in this world do not know what tinnitus is and will not know until they or someone they know ends up making a visit to the doctor's office. They go because the ringing in their ears becomes unbearable and this is when they find out what tinnitus is.We are taught at a very young age that we will lose our hearing when we get older if we keep listening to loud music. What they fail to tell us, is that when we do lose our hearing, we will start hearing a constant ringing in the ears that will eventually become unbearable.

The most common cause of tinnitus is hearing loss and the most common causes of hearing loss is caused by one of two things.First, the one we have no control over, old age. As the body ages it wears out, we begin to lose eyesight, muscle tone or strength, joints become stiff and ache, and yes, our hearing starts to go.