Understanding Optical Terms


Jan 31, 2020
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He will also be able to take measurements of your eye that Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review ensure the best possible fit, and last but not least you will get trained on how to put them on your eye, remove them safely and all the maintenance procedures. Most opticians will also let you test contacts for a few hours over a few days, to make sure no side effects happen with prolonged use. This procedure is key for using contact lenses safely, but many people skip it when buying non corrective colored contacts and that makes them appear less safe.

What Can Make Colored Contacts Really Unsafe Colored contact lenses are not just a fashion accessory, but a medical product that can cause serious eye problems if not used properly. This means producing colored contacts is a relatively expensive process that needs to be approved by the health authorities of each country, more similar to manufacturing a health supplement or a cosmetic cream than a fashion accessory.

As a consequence, if you are buying cheap contact lenses without a prescription and without knowing where they were made and to which standards, you risk putting in your eyes harmful substances or bacteria. If the type of plastic used is not of a high enough quality, the lenses will soon become dry and uncomfortable, and can cause enough irritation as to create small wounds in the cornea.