Why my password in the database is not equal to the password in the request body?


jipson saad

I try to make a login for my API in Nestjs, so when the user send the data through the request body, I catch the data and I use the query builder of typeorm, then I get the user with his properties, after comproving if user exists I create a new comparison block, I don´t know the reason why the code is not work, if I use https://bcrypt-generator.com/ for comparate the hash password in the database and the password of the request body, that throw true, but in my code it doesn't work

async login(userRO: UserRO) {
const { email, password } = userRO;
const user = await getRepository(User)
.where('user.email = :email', {email})
if (!user) {
throw new HttpException(
'Usuario no es correcto',
// hashPassword = $2y$12$ZvWFRLVoS2gxyCjLkCbOZuN7NKfYrpT6cWxSJaeiVr0PnPBeoI8GS
// password = pepito09
const pass = await bcrypt.compare(password, user.password);
if (!pass) { // this always throw an error
throw new HttpException(
'Contraseña incorrecta',
const rol = await getRepository(Rol)
.leftJoinAndSelect(User, 'user', 'user.rolId = rol.id')
.where('user.email = :email', { email })
if (!rol) {
throw new HttpException(
'Rol no encontrado',
const type = this.typeUser(rol.name) ;
const payload = { email: user.email, id: user.id, rol: rol.name };
return {
access_token: this.jwtService.sign(payload),

So, I expect the comparison block about the password throw true if the password in the database and the password in the request body are equals, and false if it doesn't.

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